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You Earned A Discount Code!

Use Code STOCK-10 for 10% off any of our awesome Stock-Logo Designs =)

Our Stock Logos are a great option if you are not quite yet ready to invest in a fully Custom Logo design. While the designs are non-exclusive, and do not come with any revision rounds, you are able to pick your design, customize it with your Information and color preferences, and get all of the files you will need to professionally utilize your new logo. Upon submitting your payment and customization details, we will email you your files within two business days.

1. At Checkout, Add in your Brand Name, Establishment Year, And Desired Color Palette (See Images for Color Options), Or type in your Color HEX codes in the "Color Palette Choice" Section. (Under Message to Seller)

2. Within two business days, we will email you your customized stock logo files via Google Drive. This will Folder will consist of 18-22 Files Total!


Files will be rendered in black/white, as well as your chosen color pallete. 
• PDF Vector
• EPS Vector
• PNG 1080x1080 300dpi (Hi-Res Web, Transparent Background)
• JPG 1080x1080 300dpi (Hi-Res Web)
• 3-4 JPG Photorealistic Brand Identity Mockups. These will give you an idea how your new logo can perform in real life, as well as can be used to promote online.


The main differences between Stock Logos and Custom Logos are: 

• Stock Logos are Non-Exclusive, meaning other people are able to utilize the same template. 

• Stock Logos are less expensive. Custom Drastic Grafix™ Logo Design and Brand Identity packages generally start at $300 for the most basic packages, while Stock Logos are generally $100. Additionally, you will receive a DISCOUNT CODE for your next Drastic Grafix™ custom design projects with your purchase of a Stock Logo.  

• There are No Revision Rounds. With Custom Logos, three revision rounds are included complimentary, as it is a building process. With Stock Logos, you already know what you are getting, so we insert your information, match the colors to the palette of your choice, create your three Brand Identity Photorealistic Mockups, Export the files, and Send. 

• We will keep archive cloud storage of your Stock Logo Files, so you can access them at any time (which we also do for Custom Logos).

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