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Theo Von & Drastic Graphics: Rat King/TPW Photoshoot Blog

Believe it or not, this was actually my first professional photoshoot! Not too many photographers out there can say their first real shoot was with a guy like Theo Von! So I am very grateful for that.

Theo and his executive producer, Nick Davis, wanted to photograph an image of him as the Rat King for a new shirt design. Not only were we able to capture that, but also some really cool behind-the-scenes footage and photos of his podcast, This Past Weekend.

One of the obvious challenges I faced was the fact that we were shooting in an office space with low ceilings. Luckily, I brought my GODOX SL60W light/soft box with me for a key light, and used my basic ring light to fill in the opposite side a bit. Armed with my Sony A7iii and Tamron wide angle lens, I laughed almost the entire shoot as Theo went full Rat King the entire time.

Another challenge I faced was when I was attempting to shoot at a high shutter speed while capturing Theo cracking the whip. The lighting in the studio space in conjunction with the shutter speed was causing some banding in my images. By reducing the shutter speed, and adjusting my aperture and ISO, I was able to negate the banding mostly while still keeping my exposure.

On-site photography is one of the many services that I fulfill for Theo and his two podcasts, This Past Weekend, and King and The Sting. Additionally we also handle branding, targeted advertising, graphic design, video editing, web design, apparel design, social media, and more.

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