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How to Not Get Ripped Off Buying a Logo

I get questions pertaining to this subject all the time, so I figured I would put together a quick video for business owners and entrepreneurs who may be looking to hire a logo designer, as well as for students and aspiring logo designers to learn from.

DRASTIC GRAPHICS is a branding agency based out of Orange County, CA specializing in branding, video/podcast production, graphic design, and digital media management. A few of our notable current clients include Joe Rogan, Anthony Anderson, Theo Von, Dope as Yola, Josh Wolf, GLORY Kickboxing, and many more.

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00:00-00:51 • Initial thoughts on pricing & hiring

00:52 •The importance of branding

01:53 • Different Logo Styles & options

03:07 • The file formats you should get, vector vs. raster

05:13 • Photorealistic mockups

06:16 • Style Guide

7:58 • How much should you spend?

9:46 • Summary of how to not get ripped off buying a logo

11:11 • Example: XPAND

12:13 • Example: Dayton Hardwood Co.

13:51 • Recap of pricing

14:45 • Turnaround times and revisions

15:25 • How to be a helpful client

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