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How to Close Deals as a Freelancer

I find that most of us freelancers share similar experiences coming up, and have many of the same questions, and often times no one to ask them to. So I wanted to put this video together based on my 10+ years experience in growing from a part-time freelance graphic designer to owning a legitimate branding and production agency.

Tons of useful tips and inspiration for aspiring graphic designers, logo designers, illustrators, videographers, photographers, engineers, etc:


• Intro/giving context to tutorial through my background as an artist


The first chapter of your career

• Building up portfolio

• Setting/hitting milestones

• Adding on new skillsets within Digital Media

• Answering questions preemptively


The 2nd chapter of your career

• What is best case scenario?

• Identifying niche area that’s in line with your passion and skillset

• Earning your reputation

• Dealing with celebrities and “influencers”


A Different level of professionalism

• Taking control of situation when communicating with a new client

• How to onboard a new client

• How to write a Proposal that works

• How much to charge?

• Setting policies for yourself

• How to process payments


Crossing the chasm into becoming a full-time professional artist Education vs Experience vs Building a brand

17:50 Recap


• Should I take payment in full up-front or in parts?

• The most important thing to do with a new client

• How to deliver samples

• How to handle revisions

• How to make potential clients feel comfortable

• What is the ‘finish line’ as a freelancer?

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