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Dope As Yola & Drastic Graphics: Laguna Beach Photoshoot Blog

This was such a fun time because it was our first photoshoot together after being brought on as Digital Media Management for Dope As Yola.

It could not have been a more beautiful winter day in Orange County, and we caught the sunset "Golden Hour" light just a the right time in glorious Laguna Beach, CA. If you've never been, mark it down for the perfect post-pandemic getaway.

I utilized my full-frame Sony A7iii camera and Tamron 17-22mm f 2.8 lens equipped with my Peter McKinnon edition Polar Pro variable ND Filter. After the shoot, I imported the photos into Lightroom CC for some dramatic color correction with the goal of bringing out the warm tones, which resulted in a '300-esque' tone for a batch of the photos. I also went with a contrasting desaturated look to give him some different options tonality wise. Ultimatly, the photos with the warmer tone generated the best feedback.

We assist Dope As Yola, and his brand Push Trees, with a wide variety of services aside from photography and videography, and including logo design and branding, web design, advertising, and more.

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