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Drastic Graphics Joe Rogan

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services include cover art (for podcasts, musicians, etc.), posters, social media assets, thumbnails, and presentation slide decks.


Many of our graphic design services are paired with our other services such as apparel and web design.


For Joe Rogan's Sacred Clown Tour, I created a tour poster that not only was featured on all of Rogan's social media, but also was featured on the screen at Madison Square Garden!

Creating posters like these for stand-up comedians is one of the ways that Drastic Graphics became a big name in the comedian/podcast world.


Dave Chappelle &

Joe Rogan Tour Poster

Poster design for Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan's 2021 live comedy tour. 

We created a time-lapse video of the poster design process, which gives an interesting view into the Drastic Graphics process!

The graphic poster was reposted by Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan on social media for the promotion of their MGM Grand, Las Vegas show.

Not A Sports Show

A new series by Anheuser Busch and Panay Films featuring superstar athletes such as Shannon Sharpe, Paul Pierce, Shaun White, and more. 

Drastic Graphics had the roles of BTS camera operator, targeted ad manager, social media manager, video editor, and website designer. 

To the left are a few of the social media graphics we created for the promotion of this show.

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