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Apparel Design

Apparel design is a part of our branding design services. We usually create apparel design for clients that have bundled branding services including logo design. 

Our team is equipped to created vectorized artwork that is ready for printers.


XPAND is a eco-conscious company that specializes in meditation, mindfulness, and unified health of the body and mind.

We started this project by creating the logo, then expanded it into apparel design including hats and shirts.


Drastic Graphics 


We have created many different designs for our own team, that are also available for fans of Drastic Graphics. 

Our most recent apparel line includes the shirt to the left with the slogan, "Drastic Times Call for Drastic Measures."

Dope As Usual Podcast


We created the pattern background for the Dope As Usual Podcast, which was vectorized and is being utilized for the podcast merchandise. 

We created sweatshirts, shirt, hats and are planning on expanding the line more this year, so stay tuned!

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