"Full-Time Podcaster" provides and easy-to-understand course of action that will save you countless amounts of time, money, and energy in creating your own sustainable podcast. This e-book is truly a must-have for anyone that is serious about making a legitimate career out of podcasting. Develop an in-depth understanding of how to look, sound, publish, and get paid like the pros!

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1. Stunning Graphic, Apparel, Logo, and Web Design

2. Outrank your competition on search engines

3. Drive new business with strategic social media marketing

4. Streamline all the crucial aspects of branding, marketing, and web presence, long-term

5. Ensure the most cost effective, efficient, and modern business solutions are implemented

6. Open up new streams of revenue for your business


- Rachel Horwitz

“Working with Drastic Grafix is nothing short of a dream come true.  Marty is a true professional with tons of experience and knowledge. He made me a gorgeous website, implemented new and effective processes, took the time to explain the best possible options for my business and went above and beyond to deliver exactly what we discussed and all in a timely manner.  He spent extra hours helping me with various projects and created truly compelling content for my website and social media. I will never work with another company ever again!”


- Ian Cheadle

"Martin created my business logo and helped me brand my small business in ways I never thought of. His product was very well priced and customer service unmatched. I’ve been a repeat customer and will look nowhere else for my graphic design needs in the future."


- Blake Koehn

“Martin has done an amazing job helping me get all the logo and designs I needed for my personal training business. He took my ideas and made them come to life better than I could have envisioned for myself. I could not be happier with his professionalism, continual conversation throughout the process, and the product as a result of his work. I continue to recommend him and will continue to use him in the future as well. Thanks Martin!”



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Pro-Level Visuals:

Everything visible that is associated with your brand, service, or product should look cohesive, professional and appealing. The ability to tap into the public’s collective conscious, and provide design solutions that they will easily understand, and resonate with, is a skill developed only after many years of dedicated experience.

Phenomenal ROI:

Our unique combination of skills and experience in design and marketing enable to us to generally earn phenomenal return on our client’s marketing budget. We specialize in targeted ad campaigns on Instagram/Facebook, as well as Google/Youtube, and Email Marketing. Executed properly, these platforms have the ability to be a total game-changer for your business working with a powerful brand agency and creative designer.

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Make Your Life Eaiser:

We provide the security of knowing your branding, marketing, and web needs are being handled by dedicated, reliable professionals, with years of proven results. We are very easy to work with, preemptive, trustworthy, and excited to help your business flourish. We provide tons of suggestions, consultation and new ideas to implement for your business.

Did You Know?

Marketing expenses are tax deductible for business owners!